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Remembering those we have lost


In Memorium

W.L. (Buddie) Crowder-1912-1956 View Find a Grave listing here


Hazel A. Crowder-1913-2000 View Find a Grave listing here

Richard A. (Floogie) Crowder-1933-1983 View Find a Grave listing here

Peggy C. Davis-1936-1971

David Davis-1936-1982



R. Jack Crowder-1939-2003

Hallie W. Crowder-1925-2004

Maggie Elizabeth (Sug) Calvert-1909-1988

Charlie C. Crowder-1914-2000

David C. (Dude) Crowder-1890-1967

Mary Timberlake Crowder-1890-1964

David E. Crowder-1920-2000

Fern Hall Crowder-1919-2004

David E. Crowder, Jr.-1951-1998

Georgia Mae Crowder Elliott-1919-2006

Riley L. (Louis) Crowder-1913-1972

Beth Crowder-1951-1987

Jean Crowder-1917-2007

Ivan N. Hall, Sr. 1923-2010 View Obituary here