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Ivan Nelson Hall, Sr. (1923-2010)

The Hall family asks that you join us in celebrating the life of Ivan N. Hall, Sr., who died at Fairfax Nursing Center, on 19 April 2010.  He passed through the gates of Heaven with the sunshine and cool air pouring into his room surrounded by his loving family.   He is survived by his beloved wife of 67 years, Hazel C. Hall, his sister, Jolene "Mae" Mack, his three children, Ivan N. Hall, Jr. and wife Patti, Michael W. Hall and wife Teresa, Donna L. Hall, his grandchildren Michael W. Hall II and wife Melissa, Ivan N. Hall III, Rebecca L. Hall, and Christopher R. Hall.


There will be a Family Celebration of Life at the Money and King Funeral Home on Friday, 23 April 2010, 7:00-9:00 p.m.  The link to the Money and King website is below:   



The address and phone number to the Money and King Funeral Home is:

Money and King Funeral Home

171 Maple Avenue W

 Vienna, VA 22180

Toll free 703-938-7440


Flowers are available from Master's Touch Florist and Gifts.  Master’s Touch Florist and Gifts address and phone number is:

Master's Touch Florist and Gifts

512A West Maple Ave

Vienna, VA 22180
703-281-1113     Toll free: 866-386-7900

Their website below is a link in the Money and King website:  http://www.moneyandking.com/_mgxroot/page_10785.php


Ivan N. Hall, Sr. will be buried with a graveside service at Fairfax Memorial Park on Saturday, 24 April 2010, at 11:00 a.m.  The Fairfax Memorial Park website showing directions is below:   



Fairfax Memorial Park’s address is: 9900 Braddock Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22032

Fairfax Memorial Park is located just outside the city of Fairfax, east of George Mason University, at the corner of Braddock and Burke Station roads. It is minutes from I-66, I-495, and I-395, with convenient access to all of Northern Virginia and the entire Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.



Ivan N. Hall, Sr., lived a long blessed life filled with hardships that built his character, adventure that gave him strength, time in the military that made him a hero in his family's eyes, two careers that provided for his family, and the love of family that brought him joy.  Ivan passed through the gates of heaven to be with his Lord, his parents, his brothers and sisters, and many battle buddies that have all gone before him.  Ivan was a distinguished World War II Army veteran who served under General George Patton in some of the most dangerous and significant campaigns in central Europe.  Ivan battled with many of America’s greatest heroes that turned the tide of the war in favor of the U.S. and Allied forces.  He served in the 3rd Army, 26th Infantry Division, 328 Regiment, 2nd Battalion.  Ivan was a Ranger that specialized in intelligence and was a forward observer who would identify enemy locations.  His effectiveness was due in great part to his growing up in the mountains of Virginia.  Ivan said that years of hunting for his family taught him to use the terrain around him to conceal himself.  He was one of a handful of men to survive some of the most brutal battles during World War II.  One of these included the battle of Moncourt where the 2nd Battalion lost 800 men.


Ivan was born in Illinois, on 17 July 1923.  At an early age his family moved back to the Meadows of Dan, Virginia, to survive during the Great Depression.  At the age of 7 Ivan learned to fish, trap, and hunt to help provide meals and sell furs.  Ivan said that he always gave the money from the first rabbit he trapped to his Mom to help with food expenses and if he caught a second rabbit he used it to buy more trapping and hunting supplies.  From early on Ivan applied his intelligence and increased his learning, graduating from high school at the age of 15.


On 16 October 1942, Ivan Hall married Hazel Crowder of Danville, Virginia.  He knew that he could better provide for his new wife and a family if he moved close to Washington D.C., so he relocated and put himself through school, obtaining a degree in Accounting.  Ivan became a senior executive with the United States Postal Service.  During his 30 years there he used his financial savvy to protect the taxpayer’s money and attended White House Ceremonies and meetings on a regular basis.  His job included travel all over the world where he was admired for his ethics and outstanding service for the 30 years devoted to the U.S.P.S. until his retirement.


He turned to his true love for his second career.  He obtained 26 acres of beautiful farmland in Sperryville, Virginia where he planted apple, pear, and peach orchards, raspberry and blueberry patches, grapes, strawberries, and a pumpkin patch.  He utilized the bottom piece of flat land and raised gardens of fresh vegetables including white corn and home grown tomatoes.  He also planted and raised various assortments of plants and flowers.  He set up a roadside stand, "Sperryville Farms" where he sold his fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants.  What helped to make his name was his wife's amazing ability at a stove.  She produced jams, jellies, and preserves that people drove for half a day to purchase.  Ivan and Hazel also sold some of Sperryville’s finest apple cider made from the wide variety of apples raised on in their orchards.  He became known far and wide and was published in the paper several times during his years of farming.   It was not a surprise to see a Congressman, Senator, or Supreme Court Justice kick back at the stand and discuss apples and politics.


On the land Ivan built 7 ponds and became a Virginia State Registered Bass Hatchery.  Ivan supplied fishing for the locals and anyone traveling down Route 211 that wanted to stop and try their hand at catching largemouth bass, catfish, or trout.


Their home on the hill was a visiting place for his grandchildren during their growing years.  Ivan had each of his grandchildren working at the stand at one time or another because he believed in the ethics of hard work and supporting yourself.   


He is survived by his beloved wife of 67 years, Hazel C. Hall, his sister, May, his three children, Ivan N. Hall, Jr. and wife Patti, Michael W. Hall and wife Teresa, Donna L. Hall, his grandchildren Michael W. Hall II and wife Melissa, Ivan N. Hall III, Rebecca L. Hall, and Christopher R. Hall.